What to Consider When Searching for Floor Screeding Contractors

When completing a building project, one of the most crucial parts might often be the screeding. The right liquid floor screed will create the perfect subfloor over which some of the most popular floors can be laid. What’s more, the flexibility of liquid screed makes it an excellent choice when laying a floor with underfloor heating as it will mould around obstacles and obstructions such as radiator pipes, protruding steps etc.
However, you need to make sure that you have hired the best floor screeding contractors to complete your project without issue. Here are some of the things you should consider when searching out the right service for your build.


How many products and solutions do they offer? The right floor screeding contractors should offer a solution to counter any issue you might have. Depending on the nature of your build, the screed might be more than just a subfloor. From levelling the floor to providing protection for various components within the screed, there are several factors to consider. With the right selection of products at their disposal, the right contractor will always know exactly which product is required for the task at hand.

Industry Knowledge

Floor screed is a relatively new technique in the building industry and it is evolving all the time. Whether it is a new product coming out or a new technique for the perfect lay, you need to ensure that you find a floor screeding contractor with the most up-to-date industry knowledge and experience.
However, industry knowledge can go much further than this. You need to find a contractor who is able to get a job right first time based on the circumstances presented to them. For example:
• Would a concrete screed floor be better?
• Would liquid screed last well in this environment?

These are key questions which require answering and they should not be a problem to answer for a professional floor screeding contractor.


A floor screed might be one of the most crucial parts of a build but it can also be quite time-consuming. The entire build might have to halt while the floors are laid. Depending on the screed used, other contractors might have to wait a few days until they are able to continue work. For example, a concrete screed can be dry in 24 hours depending on the environmental conditions at the site.
The right contractor needs to be flexible. They might have to duck into a project and complete their task as quickly as possible to minimise the downtime onsite. Additionally, the appointment to lay the screed might chop and change as other deadlines are moved onsite. If you can find a contractor who is flexible enough to move as the schedule needs them to, you will no doubt find this to be one less stress.

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