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Water underfloor heating is rapidly becoming the number one choice, despite the initial upfront costs. However, once the water underfloor heating installation is in place, within a short space of time the energy-efficiencies will pay for themselves.

Liquid screed is an ideal partner in all underfloor heating projects, especially water underfloor heating systems. The liquid screed is able to flow around the pipes thus allowing for no voids. There is no better product to compliment the energy-efficiency and thermal output of water underfloor heating or wet underfloor heating. The result is an incredibly energy-efficient, evenly heated floor system. Wet underfloor heating costs are a minimum compared with other heating systems.

Successfully achieving your underfloor heating installation does require a qualified and specialised screeding company, from the start, to find the best solutions and options for your water or wet underfloor heating installation and to offer advice on the water underfloor heating cost.

A water underfloor heating installation is an excellent alternative to radiators and is used under any type of floor covering, including tiles, stone, wood or carpet. Our trusted and experienced colleagues will advise on the type and amount of liquid screed required to ensure the best outcome in fit, energy-efficiency and final finish in your design and build of your water underfloor heating installation.


We liaise with your underfloor heating installation company to ensure a seamless process. Once the series of pipes are installed, the water underfloor heating pipes radiate heat from the warm water that pumps around and heats the space from the floor up. Water underfloor heating is far more energy-efficient compared with other heating installations as the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room and the temperature of the water can be lower than expected, thus significantly reducing your water underfloor heating costs.

Please call on 01452 931280 or email us for advice or a quote. We are more than happy to talk through your liquid screed project with you and provide you with the best options to match your water underfloor heating system.


The main benefit of combining underfloor water heating and liquid floor screeds is that the liquid screed can be laid thinner than other traditional floor screeds. The liquid screed flows around the pipes, thus allowing for no voids and giving a much better heat transfer to the surface of the floor.
Other key benefits include:

  • Liquid screed is the perfect matched product with water underfloor heating systems
  • It creates a far more energy-efficient space in your design and builds
  • Following the initial outlay cost, the water underfloor heating installation will reduce the resultant heating bills significantly
  • A liquid screed floor and wet underfloor heating system can be laid under any floor covering, including carpet, tiles and wood.
  • Water underfloor heating is a great alternative to radiators and creates more space in the final design and build
  • It is the modern way to live and work!

What our customers say

“We want to say how delighted we are with We wanted to install wet underfloor heating in our kitchen, and we were advised to use a liquid floor screed, once the underfloor heating was in place and before adding the floor tiles. Our new kitchen is warm, energy-efficient and looks stunning – it’s like being in a different house, the floor looks great and it feels so much warmer! All of your hard work is very much appreciated and the installation was quick and easy with no mess! Credit to your colleagues and they liaised so well with the underfloor heating installers, it was a seamless process. We are hoping to extend to the sitting room and hallway.”

“ did an amazing job in their advice and installation of a liquid screed floor, following the addition of the water underfloor heating. We were moving into new offices in a central town location but in a centuries-old building. There were several obstacles to overcome and on the initial site visit we were able to discuss several options with With their advice, we have managed effortlessly to update the office, yet keeping the style to the traditional conservation area our heating bills being much lower than expected!”


Q: Can I have water underfloor heating?
A: We can install water underfloor heating in 99% of cases. The only restrictions are if there is a structural limitation such as where the floor cannot support any amount of additional weight, which is very unlikely, or if the new floor would cause a reduction in head height. Even then, if the floor height is at a premium, we can often provide a particular low profile system.

Q: How quick is it to raise and lower the temperature of the water underfloor heating?
A: Installing water underfloor heating with liquid screed gives a highly energy-efficient system. The underfloor heating pipes connect to a thermostat in each room or space. These thermostats can be pre-programmed to any required setting. For example, if you are on an energy ten tariff, the heating can be set to come on at the reduced energy tariff time. Once switched on, it takes a matter of minutes for the benefits of the heating system to become noticeable.

Q: Is it true that wet underfloor heating when it’s hot that it gets too hot?
A: Installing water underfloor heating with liquid screed gives a highly energy-efficient system. The underfloor heating pipes connect to a thermostat in each room or space. These thermostats can be pre-programmed to any required setting. A maximum and minimum temperature can is set that keeps the room or area at the chosen temperature. The thermostat will maintain and regulate the desired temperature ensuring the room will not become too hot or too cold. For example, if you are leaving the premises for a Christmas break, the thermostat can be set that if the temperature falls below 5°C, the underfloor heating system will switch on automatically.

Q: Water Underfloor Heating seems easy to fit, can I try and do it myself?
A: We strongly advise that you enlist the services of a trusted and experienced company to fit your water underfloor heating system and the installation of the liquid screed floor. It is imperative to use experienced and knowledgeable floor screeding contractors who understand the subtleties of options of liquid floor screeds from the depth required to the screed options available that best suit the underfloor heating system in your design or build.

Q: Can I install underfloor heating on a timber floor?
Liquid screed is an ideal product for underfloor heating and all subsequent floor layers, including timber floors. The pipes are installed under the joists, and the liquid screed is pumped around this network of pipes and into the voids for a smooth final floor finish.

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