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A project is only ever handed over to you after it has passed our quality control inspection, including screed testing, and we have met you on site to ensure you are 100% happy with the final result of your liquid screed floor for your water under floor heating installation.

It is paramount that a screed moisture test is carried out to ensure that the liquid screed has dried out to the recommended level to allow the subsequent floor coverings to be added. Failure to do so will result in several serious issues once the final floor is laid. Excess moisture levels within a concrete screed floor can result in condensation, adhesive degradation, movement and delaminating of the further floor coverings. If you have an underfloor heating system installed, there is the potential for severe damage to occur to said installation.

Drying times can vary depending on the formulation of the screed and site conditions. Our trusted and experienced colleagues will carry out the correct screed testing and laitance removal to ensure the screed is dry enough for the final floor covering to be applied. It is this experience in screed moisture tests that will provide the best outcome in the final design or build.

If in your current design and build moisture is causing problems, please do get in touch and we can offer advice and solutions to correct. offers a full screed moisture test service. Please call on 01452 931280 or email us for further advice or a quote.


Carrying out a screed moisture test will eliminate any future problems in floor coverings uplifting, something you want to avoid at all costs if you have an underfloor heating installation installed.

It is highly advised in all liquid floor screed installations to carry out screed testing.

Identifying moisture issues, through a certified screed moisture test, before it gets out of hand will save time and money later in the project, especially additional underfloor heating cost.

At we have a team of floor screeding contractors all of whom have the know-how, experience and technology to advise British and European standards of a screed moisture test result and create the best environments to ensure your liquid floor screed has been given the correct time to dry out and to keep you the project running to time. Screed testing is vital throughout the whole screed floor project. As a professional screeding company, moisture testing is standard practice at

“We were on a tight turnaround for our new house build as we had to get the final touches complete to be able to put the property on the market. In understanding our cash flow demands, confirmed the exact timings of the project, from the liquid screed being pumped to the final screed testing, including the vital screed moisture test. The project remained on track and we were able to put the property on the market at the ideal time and our cash flow was protected. Thank you,”


Do I need to carry out a screed moisture test?

We strongly advise the correct screed testing is carried out, and this includes screed moisture tests. Failure to do so will result in the floor not being signed off as completely dry. A whole range of problems can arise with the subsequent floor covering that will cost you money, and has the potential to severely damage a wet underfloor heating system.

How do you carry out a screed moisture test?

At, we carry out several screed moisture tests. In addition to the Tramex Manual test, we use the Hair Hygrometer and Calcium Carbide test.

What does the Hygrometer test measure?

The Hygrometer test measures the amount of humidity and water vapour within the residential or commercial property. The Hygrometer is particular good within these confined spaces.

What is a Calcium Carbide test?

The Calcium Carbide test, is one of the most accurate and reliable methods of floor screed testing. This test measures the amount of moisture in the screed to a depth of up to 50% of its thickness. A small hole is made in the liquid screed floor to predict the drying time accurately. Our trained screeding contractors easily cover this hole as part of the screed testing service.

Can I carry out a screed moisture test?

We would advise that you hire the best and most correct screed testing apparatus from a screeding company like us as using poorly performed testing can lead to severe problems much later. Where there is a wet underfloor heating installation for example, damage caused could result in repair costs of from a few hundreds to many thousands of pounds.

How much does moisture test cost?

Moisture testing is typically part of the overall floor screeding prices but depending on the area which is having a concrete screed floor installed, the individual cost of a moisture test can be broken down for you.

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