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Liquid screed is an ideal product for water underfloor heating and all subsequent floor layers – carpet, sisal, laminates etc. – are perfectly fitting to use on top of a liquid floor screed finish. In fact, irrespective of any carpet or layer you choose to install in your build, it will greatly benefit from a level and smooth liquid screed floor to give a complete finish to the build.

Liquid screed or liquid floor screed is quick and rapid to install and is ever-increasing in popularity and choice where homeowners choose to install an underfloor heating installation. It ultimately leaves a smooth final finish to your flooring, unlike the traditional sand concrete screed flooring. To achieve this smooth floor finish for your water under floor heating installation, it is imperative to use experienced and knowledgeable floor screeding contractors who understand the subtleties of options of liquid floor screeds and who carry out the final checks of moisture testing and the procedure of laitance removal.


Liquid floor screed is a combination of inert filler such as sand, with a binder system of cement or Calcium Sulphate. It is this knowledge and experience in handling these fillers and choosing the best option for your project that is vital to ensure a successful installation, and will help keep underfloor heating cost lower. Liquidscreed.co.uk has completed hundreds of projects, from large industrial spaces and commercial ventures to new design house build and homes.

Well-known in the industry as a specialised and highly qualified floor screeding company, from the word, go, we care about your floor. We use the latest technology and machinery to deliver and pump the liquid concrete screed floor on site, and with our experience, we provide a quality finish that will last a lifetime.

We take pride in our work. As a specialist screeding company, a project is only ever handed over to you after it has passed our quality control inspection and we have met you on site to ensure you are 100% happy with the final result of your liquid screed floor and liquid screed cost.

With offices in Gloucestershire and London, we are liquid screed suppliers and are well-placed to reach and deliver to most areas in the UK. Please contact us today at Liquidscreed.co.uk on 01452 931280.


There really is no better product to compliment the energy-efficiency and thermal output of a wet underfloor heating installation. Liquid screed is an ideal partner in all underfloor heating projects, especially water-based heating systems, as the liquid screed flows around the pipes, thus allowing for no voids. The result is an incredibly energy-efficient, evenly heated floor system, a real water underfloor heating cost saving. Achieving this result does require a qualified and specialised screeding company from the start to find the best solutions and options for your project.

Please call Liquidscreed.co.uk on 01452 931280 or email us for advice or a quote. We are more than happy to talk through your liquid screed project with you and provide you with the best options for a perfect, smooth finish floor.

A word on Calcium Sulphate Liquid Floor Screed

There are a variety of Calcium Sulphate Liquid Screeds to choose from, and there is a liquid floor screed to match every type of flooring required, including

  • Calcium Sulphate liquid screeds developed to compliment underfloor heating or cooling systems
  • Calcium Sulphate liquid screeds designed to take a higher than usual load or weight yet still resulting in a smooth and level surface
  • Calcium Sulphate liquid screeds devised for use in bonded construction, bridging the gap between bagged self-levelling compounds and bonded sand and cement floor screeds

Did you know?

  • Calcium Sulphate liquid screeds are 38% recycled gypsum
  • Calcium Sulphate liquid screeds are 100% recyclable at the end of life, ideal for reducing the carbon footprint of a project or build

As a qualified and specialised liquid screed for underfloor heating supplier, we will work closely with you to match the correct liquid floor screed option to your project to ensure longevity, durability and quality in the final finish.

Please call Liquidscreed.co.uk on 01452 931280 or email us for advice or a quote. As experienced and trusted floor screeding contractors, we are more than happy to talk through your liquid screed project with you and provide you with the best options for a perfect, smooth finish.


In a highly developed innovation, the faster drying cement based screeds have drying times at less than half the rate of the Calcium Sulphate liquid floor screeds. It is possible to walk on a cement based liquid screed after 24 hours after pouring, even though the full drying time is 14-21 days!

The benefits include:

  • Significantly shortens the time scales for project completion
  • It allows a quicker turnaround time for subsequent floor coverings are
  • In most cases, there is also no need for laitance removal

At present, we are unable to offer full UK coverage for the faster drying cement-based liquid screeds. Please contact us at Liquidscreed.co.uk on 01452 931280 today to see if we are available in your area.

Key Benefits of Liquid Floor Screed

Liquid floor screed really does simplify and speed up the design and build process, but trusted and experienced screeding company must be used to ensure a smooth level surface is in place before further layers are added.

  • A liquid screed floor significantly reduces the timescale of a design and build project
  • A faster, speedier and less hassle service for all as it ten times quicker than traditional sand concrete methods
  • Minimum disruption to overall works as you can walk on the floor within 24-48 hours from installation
  • An even faster drying product available
  • It can be used bonded, non-bonded or floated and it benefits from low shrinkage so no unseemly cracks
  • Liquid screed is the perfect partner with underfloor heating and to give an overall quality finish to the room/space/build
  • As a qualified screeding company, with
  • Eliminates the need for multiple companies and is less labour intensive – Liquidscreed.co.uk will deliver and install on site in one go
  • Choice of liquid floor screed options to suit the build, weight and screed depth
  • Options available to condense the layer of liquid floor screed thus helping the weight of the floor
  • Leaves you with an energy-efficient floor and subsequently an even greater energy-efficiency rating to the overall property
  • Leaves you with a stunning, smooth and level surface ready for the next layer or application to the final floor finish


“Just a short note, from us, to say a huge thank you to you and your co-workers for the excellent job you did on our property. We are pleased with the work and the way it was carried out. It was good to have reliable workmen who turned up when they said they would, worked hard all day and did not leave until the job was complete. We will have no problem recommending your screeding company to anyone. Many thanks.”

“We have worked with Liquidscreed.co.uk on a number of projects. Always on time, on budget and with minimum fuss and we constantly receive feedback from our clients who comment on that they have an office space to be proud of and high praise from clients who visit the space. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Liquidscreed.co.uk.”

“Thank you very much for an excellent service and trouble-free installation. We were very impressed with the speed of the liquid screed installation and the workmanship and are enjoying our new home.”


Q: How much liquid floor screed is required?
A: As a specialist screeding company, we only use the latest laser technology and we work out the square meter of the space required to work on and the depth of the screed required. The range of depth to measure can be between 25 mm to 75 mm, all dependent on the type of floor, weight and need required. Our trained and experienced floor screeding contractors will be able calculate the amount of liquid screed required.

Q: How deep will the screed need to be?
A: The amount of liquid floor screed required will depend on the type of floor, weight and need. The following figures given an estimate on the type of screed required. Again our trained and experienced floor screeding contractors will advise on a pre-quote site visit.

  • For bonded liquid screed the depth is set at 25mm and is the thinnest option
  • For unbonded liquid screed the depth is set at 30mm
  • For underfloor heating options the screed depth is set at 30mm
  • For floating domestic the liquid screed depth is set at 35mm
  • For floating commercial the liquid screed depth is set at 40mm
  • Most liquid screeds are set at 50mm or less
  • For floors that require to hold a large weight-bearing, the liquid screed depth can be up to 75mm

Q: How long does liquid screed take to dry?
A: Depending on the site conditions, curing of Calcium Sulphate screeds will occur after 24-48 hours and the floor can then receive light foot traffic. Beyond that, it will dry at the rate of 1mm a day up to 40mm and 2 days per mm over 40mm.

Q: How flat will my liquid screed floor be?
A: The surface will be a minimum of SR2, with SR1 achievable under certain conditions. British Standards Code of Practice defines SR2 as the normal standard for screeds and is based on the degree of deviation from a straight edge laid flat across the surface.
The benefit of a liquid floor screed it will leave you with a stunning, smooth and level surface ready for the next layer or application to the final floor finish.

Q: Do I need to have my floor sanded first?
A: We use specific low laitance additives in our liquid floor screed that reduce the need for sanding. However, any floor covering such as tiles or laminate that you intend to affix to the surface will need to be keyed in order to provide a suitable abrasive surface.

Q: How big is the delivery truck?
A: The size of the vehicle can vary hugely depending on the size of the job. It can be anything from a 12 ton truck for a smaller resurfacing job to a 44 ton, 6 axel, 20 wheel trucks, for jobs covering 10,000 to 20,000 square feet. Again, our trusted and experienced colleagues will check this detail on the initial site visit.

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